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Sally Houghton,
Certified Zentangle Teacher
The Graduating CZT #7 Class of October 2011
At first I didn't think I could even be seen in this picture, but my Mum found me.  I'm about five rows back and maybe 9 faces over. I am there! :)

Here is my altered book:
A Zentangle Journey
About Sally Houghton & The Zentangle Journey
I attended my first Zentangle class in March 2011 and was automatically hooked!  I bought a small sketch pad to tangle in, but soon realized it was the tiles I wanted, and ordered a pack of 55. 

I demonstrated the Zentangle method to the third and fourth graders at the school where I work and saw the effect it had on them - it was a gift.  I knew I had to do more, learn more, about this amazing process.  I sent in a registration form along with the fee for the May 2011 CZT seminar, only to learn it was full, with a long waiting list.  So, I had to be patient.  I was going to have to wait for the October Seminar.  But, I was determined to be part of it, so I waited.  The excitement and anticipation could have done me in, but I spent my time tangling away on tiles and many other items, and that's what carried me through.

I was creating a Zentangle every night before bedtime and sleeping through the night, which was unusual for me.  I shared my Zentangles with family and friends, who I couldn't help turning on to Zentangle, as well!  The more tiles I created, the more confidence grew within me.  I started trying Zentangle on other items.  I bought a little white box at Michael's and tangled the top of it.  It became a great place to keep my tangling supplies.  I designed a totebag for myself, and one for my best friend's birthday.  I designed a tee shirt for my son's girlfriend.  I added my new Zentangle skills to my card-making hobby.  I even started making an altered book all about my Zentangle Journey - something I had been wanting to do for a while, but wasn't sure how to begin.  As soon as I tangled the front of the book, I knew exactly where the altered book would be going . . . to the sharing table at the CZT seminar. 

Finally, October arrived.  I turned on the GPS and headed for the Hotel Providence in Rhode Island to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher.  It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Never have I met so many wonderful people in one place.  Every one of them friendly and sharing the commonality of a love for Zentangle.  Rick and Maria, the originators of Zentangle, are the nicest people and seem to attract the nicest people.  I left with a renewed inspiration to create, along with fond memories that will always be a part of me, and new friends from all over the United States and the world.  Even though it wasn't quite completed, I received many enthusiastic and kind compliments about my altered book.  I know, though, that when I do complete the book about my Zentangle Journey, only the book will be finished.  I am committed to inspiring self-confidence and self-discovery in each of my Zentangle students, just as I have been inspired.  My Zentangle journey and the discoveries I am sure to make along the way are far from over.
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"I am committed to inspiring self-confidence and 
self-discovery in each of my Zentangle students . . ."
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