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This is how I organize my patterns:

Keeping track of all the patterns forces me to try each one before actually using it on a tile.  My little Moleskine notebook is not really for show.  You wouldn't believe all the bloopers in it.  It's just for me, and has turned out to be a great resource.  You can order them from Amazon (left).

There are other ways people keep track of patterns, too. ​ This paticular idea, and many others, can be seen at a great website called,  It is probably the best place to find Zentangle patterns. 

Click here to learn more about organizing your patterns, and get free downloads for other ways to organize patterns, too. 

Sally Houghton
Links to Great Sites:

Beez Ink Studio
Try These Fun String Ideas

Here are the 12 Zodiac symbols to try for strings.  In the picture above, I used the symbol for "Leo" on the left and the symbol for "Aries" on the right. I'm looking forward to trying out the other ten!  If you click on the image of the Zodiac symbols, it will come up in a new page so you can print it to keep for a reference.

Whatever you make with your little pencil, you'll never see it once you've completed your Zentangle.  Maria calls this the "magic" that happens when you create a Zentangle.  Can you tell which of these Zentangles was made using a cursive "S" for strings?  Sure you can, if I point it out, but would you have guessed that before knowing?  Probably not. There are 26 letters for you to pick from, add in the lower case and there's a total of 52 choices to keep you going strong!

Another idea is to use the "Squid" or "Hollibaugh" patterns which create more obvious strings just by using the spaces left by the pattern to fill in!

So, don't give in to "string block."  The more you do, the more you'll realize you can do anything, "one stroke at a time."

Every Monday morning on the Diva's blog, an open challenge is issued to all CZTs and Zentangle enthusiasts!  Click on the Diva's button to find out more!
If you would like to bring more patterns to your home, Visions-n-Crete will show you endless possibilities which
will transform your existing concrete into a beautiful work of art. 
Click here to learn more!
Amazon sells all my favorite Zentangle Books
Here's a video you will want to check out!

You will love this video that shows how to make a 5-pointed star and a six-pointed star.  Zentangle on your paper before or after cutting out your star for various looks!

Click here to see how to make paper stars.

Zodiac symbols make great strings!
Call or email me to schedule a class just for you or for your group!
Want to see some great Zentangle patterns?  
I have a pinboard called, "Zentangle Patterns" on my Pinterest page. Just look for Sally Houghton on Pinterest!
Maria does Betweed in this video.  If you're missing the Mooka video, it's still here, just scroll down.